Icelandic Landscape Photography by Gary WaidsonIcelandic Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
Gary Waidson (Wayland) at Skogafoss.  - Icelandic Landscapes -  Gary Waidson. All rights reserved.

“In the beginning,

the Gods of the North

slew the first giant, Ymir.


They tore apart his body

and cast his skull into the

air to form the vastness

of the sky.


From his flesh they

moulded the Earth and

his restless blood

filled the seas.


The rocks and the

mountains were made

from Ymir’s bones...”


Old Norse Myth

The early settlers of Iceland were the Vikings and when they first saw this raw, fresh new land it surprises me very little that they believed such fabulous stories.

I have been a landscape photographer for over thirty years and I have never seen anywhere quite like Iceland. 

It is a land being torn apart by the colossal forces of continental drift. It sits over a volcanic hot spot that heats the Earth makes the ground tremble. In places, steam and vapours leak into the air like the breath of that first giant.    

Such tales of Ymir’s shattered bones feel very real here.

Waylandscape, one of my other websites presents my photography from a variety of places, mainly Britain, but this site is dedicated to Iceland.

When I returned from my first trip here I knew that my work from this extraordinary place deserved to stand alone.

My name is Gary Waidson, although many people know me better as Wayland.

Welcome to the Icelandic Landscape.       Bear with me, this is a work in progress.

Waylandscape - The Fine Art Landscape of Gary Waidson (aka Wayland)
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